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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Hey guys - not sure where to put this, but it's pretty cool. Maybe Bernhard or Mr. Breath can put it where it belongs...


Thought I should hip you to something that I think was really cool. Here's how it happened:
One of the members of my forum suggested we try to play something together.
i was thinking, Cool! i've been daydreaming about doing a drum only record and thought having to mix a whole bunch of drummers would be a great learning experience for me - and even better, for the participants!

So. i suggested a tempo from the free download of play along songs from my trio record, "Out The Door". The song is titled, "Best Buddies". The instructions were to play something to that tempo and then i will put it together.

We had about a dozen participants from ALL over the world. This will be a yearly thing for sure! IT was really fun. You can listen to it by finding the links on my home page:

(just scroll down - it's all there.)

And you can also download my mix notes at the same place - they are probably helpful. this taught me a bunch - next year's well be better - more interesting and more lessons! :)

Thought you might like to check it out - it isn't everyday you hear a free form kind of exploding drum thang! i hope you enjoy it! It turned out to be a great teaching tool for all the players! I'm looking forward to next year's hit!

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