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Originally Posted by thiscocks View Post
That is a TUNE!! .....(goes to find the album version)

An album ive been listening to recently with jeff on (all of it) is 10cc 'meanwhile' album. Really great album with Freddie "Ready Freddie" Washington on bass (very nice). It is recorded around the time Jeff recorded 'Kingdom of desire' and has that similar snare sound. really nice stuff-reccomended. 'Wonderland' has a very 'Mushanga' feel to it....
YES, it does. There's a story in Modern Drummer where Jeff talked about tracking that record. Dr. John was on it as well as Paich. JP said he and the guys in 10cc made a loop but had to pull all these electronics off the tape machine to make it work.
(i.e. "Let's make a loop"...."Like the old days").
I THINK "Wonderland" has that loop on it.
he also mentioned playing a 20x20 rope drum.........I hear that sometimes when I'm not even listening for it. That's a great album, and I think may have been one of the last Jeff recorded before he left us.

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