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Default JEFF: @ "vOTE#1.COM" on the "Legends" list!

SEVERAL Toto listeners nominated Jeff for the "Best All Time Rock Drummer" and were ignored.

So...myself and a couple other brave souls decided we weren't taking "no" for an answer and now Jeffrey's listed with Bonzo, Cozy Powell and Keith Moon in the "Best Rock Drummer of All Time (LEGEND)" poll.

Simon Phillips, Phil Collins, Neal Peart, and many others are in the 'current' "All Time" list.

I've already voted today.

Here's the deal.
1. One "LEGEND" bumped off the poll every TWO (2) weeks.
2. One "Current" bumped from the list every WEEK.

It took an Act of Congress to even get Jeffrey mentioned on the list.

I was told, "We are well aware of who Jeff Porcaro was...."
I was also told that a "combined vote" would be considered.
This ticked me off because Phillips and Porcaro are totally different Animals stylistically...and they should be listed seperately on any subjective poll.

Two tries, and the guys who run the website GOT IT RIGHT.
Jeff's kids can vote for their Dad now. (I've sent the link to Miles and Jeff's nephew Chase) and also to a few others directly associated with Jeff.

Bonzo is in the lead, which is kind of appropriate, as he was one of Jeff's biggest influences when it came to the 1/2 time groove for "Rosanna"; but there was a lot of Bonham's attitude wrapped up in a small-framed Italian kid who changed the face of music with his playing.

Vote....but let's not stuff the ballot box, gang.
Let's see just how long we can keep Jeff's name on the "Legends" list.
If he gets bumped; oh well....he's THERE and that's what counted with me.
I was doing this as a nod to the fellow's influence on my overall musicianship-not just my beginning drum chops. Also, to give his kids a chance to vote.
Several of those touched by the Gift he had; weren't about to let him be ignored again.

In that, we succeeded.
VOTE y'all.

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