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Hi im new to the drummerworld forum. I am going to be in a Led Zeppelin show in mid January and I'm on Immigrant Song. I have been practicing this song hour after hour and i think i've figured out my problem.

You know when your anxious about something and u just sit in a chair and bob your leg up and down really fast, kinda like you really have to go to the bathroom? Well I play the first measure to Immigrant song fine, but after that my leg starts to move too fast like that and it completly messes me up. Does anyone know what might be wrong or have any idea how i can fix this, i really don't want to give up this song and id like to get help w/ this ASAP thanks to any who help.

If anyone can REALLY help me out with this please make a post saying so, so that i can talk one on one. Thanks again

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