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Default Re: How do you listen to a song?

What I notice first is the quality of the recording/the way that the instruments and vocalist(s) sound. If the quality turns me off or then some weird recording effect which doesn't sound good to me, it'll bug me basically throughout the whole song. Next I'll usually notice the chords or melody, which are present in almost all of the music in my library, and see if anything interesting is present. If a chord really catches my ear then I might look up the chords or try and find them out at the piano.

Kind of going at the same time are the drums. However, the drums vary from any one song to another a LOT, so they might be subtle enough that I notice but I don't make a point to "dissect" the part. However if it's somewhat interesting then I'll try to figure out what the drummer is doing. Again if it's complicated I'll head to the drums and figure it out.

I try to be picky on purpose when I listen to music. After all, what's the point in listening if it doesn't sound good to me?
"If you think you're more important than the drums, you've got another thing coming." -Tony Williams
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