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Originally Posted by cavica View Post
Well I had a few more ideas,
sorry if they have already been stated, did my best to read through the posts.

The Cat Empire (really good band in my opinion)
The Damnwells
Jimmy Eat World
Mad Caddies
Slightly Stupid
Bouncing Souls
Lucky Boys Confusion
Bowling For Soup
American Hi-Fi
National Product
The Ataris
Motion City Soundtrack
The Toasters
Alkaline Trio
Riverboat Gamblers
Amber Pacific
Brand New
All Time Low
Taking Back Sunday
Something Corporate
The Used
RX Bandits
Authority Zero
The Starting Line
Eve 6
Suburban Legends
Verve Pipe- freshmen is really good, never heard any other songs by them. But then again that goes with more than a few of the artists I just listed

As for Jack Johnson, I'm really getting sick of him. His music is good, but he is just played way to much were I live.
everything anyone has posted is listed in my original post. so that was the only one you had to read. thanks for the suggestions though
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