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Default Re: guitarest issue...

Originally Posted by Bojangleman View Post
hey, got a question to shoot at you guys!

my band is wanting to get serious and all...but our supposedly lead singer is just a punk singer. like favorite band is Greenday and he lives by it. he is an ok guitar player for say a Greenday cover band. but we are wanting to play everthing from soft rock to metal.
we have all of our parts covered. 2 guitarests, bass, drums. our other lead singer(who we want to keep) plays rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, and drums.
but the only thing is, the kid that plays punk is one of my long friends. he is fun to jam with, but not to get serious with. i know the best thing is to be truthful. but i just cant bring myself to it. any advice..thanks!

My advice.....If you want to be serious about it but he isn' I really need to tell you the right answer? Kick him out, he will hold you back.
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