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I saw Keith at the Orlando clinic and found him to be thoroughly inspiring. I talked with Billy Ashbaugh afterwards and he said the same thing. Keith has great musicality and great technique. He has a very fluid way of playing and his ability to relax his grip and open his playing leaves room for some truly great grooves and chops.

His question and answer session revealed a humility and sense of humor which only those who are really confident in their ability can project. he is a great player and he deserves the respect due to someone who has landed the types of gigs he has. In truth, I hate meeting the "artist" at events like this because the room for conversation is so stilted - "uh . . . that was great" seems to be the best thing to say but seems so passe. But that is probably just me. Ddespite the subjective awkwardness, Keith came across as a nice, genuine guy, in love with his art, approachable yet infinitely talented.

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