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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

I have a big Ludwig stick bag that's pretty cool and holds a lot of stuff--without a hassle in grabbing it.

Right now I have....
6 or 7 pairs of Regal Tip double butt sticks,
a pair of Regal Tip 2B,
a few pair of Regal Tip Quantam 3000 wood tip,
a few pairs of Pro-Mark double butt sticks,
a couple pair of VF Buddy Rich,
a few pairs of Zildjian double butt sticks,
1 pair of mallets (need some new ones...),
1 pair of brushes (I play rock, but you never want to be without your brushes!)
a bunch of foam ear plugs, and a couple other types (pesky band mates that can't seem to remember theirs),
a couple drum keys,
1 pair of sunglasses.

Now, my parts box has..... :P!
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