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Default Re: What's your "day" job?

I'm a Graphic Designer (degree and everything! woo-hoo.).

I've worked at a couple big Ad agencies and Studios, a couple small places, a couple weekly newspapers....

I worked at the Metro Times (for those in the Mi/Detroit area), back when it wasn't crappy in the late 80's.

Overall, at the agencies, I've only hated the people that needed to be hated, and the field has been steady, good paying, and pretty cool.

I've gotten to do some real cool stuff over the years, and I came up "BC" (before computers), so that's been cool.

We used to do things a lot differently.

Stuff that would take weeks can be done in 1, maybe 2 days, because you have everything at your fingertips, instead of waiting for this or that person to do their 'part'.

The things that haven't changed are that people still expect miracles, like you just wave a freakin' wand or something, and they don't want to pay what it's worth.

That goes for anything I guess.

I've been working a cool a$$ job for the last 15 years for a Custom Screen Printing shop.

There hasn't been a day when I've said "God, I just do not want to go in today", so that's a real blessing for sure, and I ONLY work M-F 9-5.

Back to work!
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