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Default An Important, Yet Often Overlooked, Rudimental Exercise

Ok, set your metronome to 60 bpm.

Assume a comfortable, ergonomically correct position in front of the keyboard, hands in the "rest" position. Internalize the the clicking of the metronome, so that you feel the pulse inside you.

*click* - type the letter "r"

*click* - type the letter "h"

*click* - "y"

*click* - "t"

*click* - "h"

*click* - "m"

You've just spelled "rhythm" correctly. Repeat 80 times daily. Slowly increase the tempo, always remaining relaxed. Be patient -- if you've ingrained an alternate spelling into your muscle memory, such as "rythym", "rthythm", "rithem" or "rythm", it will take time to relearn this rudiment correctly.

Once you are able to consistently perform this rudiment correctly at high tempos, you should practice important variations such as "polyrhythm" and "Rhythm". Advanced students can practice tapping out clave in one foot while performing adaptations of Iy enu calls (bat rhythms) with the other foot.

Slowly, as the correct spelling of this word catches on throughout our Drummerworld community, people will actually be able to find your thread on, e.g., "poli-rythims".
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