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Originally Posted by Johnny_Stacks
Actuly Iron Maidens old drummer Clive Burr ( think it was him, or one of the other drummers. not Nicko i no that for sure ) made the drum line for Where eagles dare. But yes Nicko did play it when he Joined the band. But another song i found simply amazing is Dream of Mirrors when you first start listening to that song you think its easy but listen to the whole thing and you will no what i mean!!

- John

I'm afraid johnny that you are mis-informed about where eagle dares. Nicko and steve harris came up with the riff for where eagle dares in jersey 1983 long after clive had gone. I heard Nicko explain this at one of his clinics this year.

As for Nicko's deep square tom's I love that sound , and the look of his kit.

You only have to listen to the likes of Somewhere in time and Seventh son of a Seventh son, to hear them beautys, I especially like the little toms.

I don't think that his current Premier drums cut through the same as his classic sonor.

Part of his sound on these albums is to do with his choice of heads.

Ludwig silver dots top, Ebony ambassador bottom. When I tried this combination on my Nicko replica it sounded just like the Somewhere in time kit.
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