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Default Re: What the ear specialist told me...

Thanks Karl I appreciate the sentiment. That is why I have a tube in my ear, because it fills up with fluid and burst quite frequently-it is not an infection but extravasated fluid from a partial vacuum.It is painful to have your eardrum burst-well it was from childhood till my surgery. When it fills with fluid my doc just adds a drop of phenol to my eardrum, pokes a hole in my eardrum,sucks out the fluid, and sticks in a tube-Yuck!!!!!. I feel no pain with this procedure now, and usually my doc says he has to numb or put some people to sleep. My doc says I'm the toughest SOB he has ever met and said I should try one of those Tough Man competitions. I told him that he must have damaged my nerves in my ear, but he said that is not the case. I told him to shut up, because I think so and it appears to be working. Mind over matter I guess. I still play an hour or so everyday, and I guess you could take an ear, an eye, a leg, or an arm I would still be going BOOM! baby. Without my drums I would go crazy, which isn't a huge leap by the way. Hee, hee.
I'll get one my daughters to help video my playing so you can all get to know me better and give me some critques. I am a scientist so I am not thin skinned (the process of attaining NIH grants is brutal) so feel free to be bash away. You can call it constructive criticism. My ego was tamed years ago. Life is good I'm not complaining.
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