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Originally Posted by southpawNotadrummer
I agree. I'll be the first to admit I wasn't a big fan until I bought American Idiot. Though it wasn't my first album.

And I don't really think they're going to be "going back" anywhere. After American Idiot, they can only go forward, and I'm pretty sure they know that as well as anyone does. Like it or not, they're growing - musically, personally - and once you've started to grow, it's ridiculous to try to come back to something you've passed.

And Tré is one crazy guy. First of all, he said rock drumming needs to be brought back to Keith Moon, which is excellent (and apparent in his playing style). Secondly, if you've ever read a biographical article about the guy, he's done and said some pretty wacky things to his body and in his life, and at 32 (almost 33), I don't think he's going to stop that anytime soon. As a drummer, and as a rock star, I see him as being something you're not going to see twice.
Well I know there not keeping there additional band members and there not wearing that make up anymore so there next album is just going to have 3 of them on it. See if they do another album like american Idiot well it would probably be boring and the same as the other one. American Idiot was something new they've got a lot of new fans but lost many old fans Billie Joe knows that Since he started in the underground Punk sceen he wants to go oldschool Green Day and if there next album is like Dookie I'm buying it.

Tre Cool is a crazy guy he did courses in clown college he's like a clown when he's on stage! I use to watch Green Day videos and say wow I wish I could play like Tre Cool Then I learn't about other drummers even though I'm not looking to play what Tre Cool does He made me want to play Drums
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