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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Turns out apparently it was "an honest mistake." Even though it had been in his shop for ages, the guy at the shop never even noticed that the starclassic logo was a badge rather than painted on. Apparently all starclassics had accutune hoops at one point though or something.
No, the original starclassic were starclassic maple and starclassic birch. The stopped producing the birch in 95(after that only offered in japan), and after some year (96 i think) offering a midlevel starclassic called performer wich didnīt come in 100%birch , it was a sandwich of birch and phillipine mahogny. The performers had accutune until 1997, when they came with woodhoops. In 99 they where upgraded to allbirch. The accutune then jumped to the last artstar in producion, artstar es.
So, starclassic maple always had woodhoops and 10 lugs.
Performer Has eveloped many times since they where first offered, from a mildevel kit to a fully proffessional kit. I have owned two of them, one hybrid performer/maple in honey/amber gold, and one hybrid performer/maple i dark cherry fade. Beautiful drums.
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