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Default Re: John JR Robinson

AMAZING drummer! Probably my level favourite with Jeff porcaro. If you want to hear his best work (my opinion, and quite a few other musicians) listen to 'The Dude' album by Quincy Jones which he played on all tracks. It was recorded soon after 'Off the wall' and many of the musicians from that album were on 'The Dude' too, and it does sound similar. My favorite track is 'the Dude' with some cool vocals and v nice disco style drumming. One fill he does going into the second verse from the bridge is quality-a single handed triplet. Also the Hi-hat on 'Betcha wouldn't hurt me' is quite reminicent of Jeff I think. Kind of half open and closed 'slinky' feel. Listen to the opening and closing of it towards the end, it does sound really thin!

Love his other stuff with david Benoit too, particularly 'This Side Up', and Linus&Lucy.

Yes, that interview is really interesting, he sounds like a cool bloke too.


P.S. Also recommend his solo 'Funkshui' Nice stuff.

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