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Default Concert....

this is my 600th post. so i thought i would make it legit :) . a few weeks ago i went to a concert in OKC at The Conservatory (if any of you know where that is at) and oh man it rocked. i love that place. perfect atmosphere! well, i went and saw Sherwood that night. Sherwood was the main band, but there were 3 other openers there also. they were: The Higher, The Matches, We Shot the Moon, and of course Sherwood. and oh concert ever. my bro's girlfriend said that is was better than the Greenday concert she went to(and she would die for Greenday) The Higher, The Matches and We Shot the Moon's drummers endorsed SJC. and they sounded amazing. and Sherwood drummer, endorses Destructive Drums. which also sounded would check those bands out if ya have some time and want to hear some great bands.
just thought i would share!


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