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Default Re: Cliff Almond here.....

Mr. Almond.

I saw you playing with Michel Camilo (my countrymate!) in Altos de Chavon at the Heineken Jazz Festival YEARS AGO... (early 90's).

Since I(I feel I can say it now), got a CREW pass by bribing a guy with a bottle of scotch, I actually was there as you rehearsed and after you played you were cortious enough to hang with a couple of star struck aspiring drummers, who were asking who this blond kid was... ha, ha, ha.

A couple of years later, ironically, I found myself part of the organizing structure of that festival... and sadly, when Michel came, you were not playing with him at that gig... I had gotten an authentic TAMBORA to give you as a token of appretiation for the huge influence seeing you so early in my drumming life did.

It's still around here somewhere waiting for it's proper owner to come back.

Thank you.
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