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Default Re: Question for the gigging drummer.

I was the manager in my last band. It is a lot of work but here is what I did:

First thing I did was set up a Yahoo email account the all band members have access to.

The reason for this is to use a central calender. Every body in the band would enter days they were not available. This allowed me to book gigs without having to check with the rest of the band every time. It also gave me a place to put the booked gigs, how much hey paid, address times etc.. A central location for all band scheduling. It worked very well.

Next I built a promo pkg. Band picture, band bio, song list (we did covers so the song list was important) and a CD.

I then got addresses for all of the clubs I could find in the radius of how far we all agreed we would be willing to drive I mailed out a boat load of promo pkgs.

Then the hardest part. The follow-up. I called all these clubs. I found club owners are flakier then musicians. They are hard to track down, many say " I never got it" so I would hand deliver or next day with a signature another one. It is a lot of work but we ended up gigging as much or more then we wanted.

A final thought, If you are not good with people and not a salesman. this is not a job for you.
It takes a lot of time and sales skills if you are going to get anywhere.
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