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Default Re: What's the story behind your user name?

well... there was a man and a woman, deeply in love. it was back in the 80's, when the hair were long on the back, and short over the forehead...
they met, they hung around a bit, then they decided to get together.
one day, a wonderful thing happened, the woman became pregnant, thanks to the man.
during the next 9 months of ups, and downs, they managed to find a name for the small guy, that was on his way out.
the man wanted the guy to be known as Iwo, but the mother wasn't so sure about it. so they've reached a compromise, results of which can be seen today. this compromise was a name - Kacper (very original at that time).
the man went to 'register' the small guy that was on his way out, as Kacper, but he found it pretty cool, to give him also the second name, so then the guy became known as Kacper Iwo...

Kacper Iwo, written together, gives kacperiwo, but the english pronounciation of the second part is wrong, so the guy came up with changing the double-u, into vee...

that guy is me, if someone couldn't catch up :P
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