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I may not have as many autographs of drummers like DogBreath has(who does?), but I got a fair share of others:

1.) Carl Palmer signed my copy of - The Drummer: 100 Years Of Rhythmic Power And Invention. On his picture on page 85. I met him at his November ' 06 show at the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD. Wow! It was an honor!! :-)

2.) John Christ has been my best friend since 1976, and when he joined Samhain/Danzig in ' 85, I was privy to many opportunities of getting his "John" Hancock on just about anything. But the ones I cherish most are the VERY personalized and signed copy of his Flesh Caffeine CD and Danzig II: Lucifuge CD. And about a half dozen guitar picks(his own - all signed). And best of all...his friendship!! :-)

3.) 2 photographs of John and Ted Nugent posing together with guitars in hand, signed by both, when JC did an interview with him around 1994, for RIP Magazine. AWESOME PICS, man!!

4.) A personalized and signed copy of Frank Marinos' RealLIVE CD.

5.) A Marine Corps hat signed by all the guys from Candlebox.

6.) A personalized CD by Orange Sky, their "Upstairs" CD. An awesome Hard Rock/Raggae band out of Trinadad and Tobago. Who, coincidently, is managed by Phil Eharts'(Kansas drummer)management company. Saw these guys 'bout 2 years ago, and they were fabulous. Met them after the show and they were just SO down-to-earth and personable! Their drummer, Obasi Springer, is just a monster! Check 'em out on their MySpace page. GREAT buncha' guys! :-)

7.) A golf hat signed by Tom Watson and Gary McCord.

8.) A golf ball signed by Nick Price and Jeff Sluman.

9.) And finally...A daily pairings sheet(Sunday) from last years' LPGA Championship, signed by, none other than, the greatest female golfer of all time, Annika Sorenstam!

Wheww...There may be more, but I think you can agree...That's enuff!!

I'm I'm sure are you! ;-)

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