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Default Re: Ian Paice

I don't have the On The Drums, but I have Not For The Pro's.

NFTP's is worth the money, and it's not a "one watch, put it away for a year till you forget about it and have nothing else to do before you put it on again" DVD.

The MD Chad/Ian, and the London Drum Co. Ian/Chad DVD's are pretty good too.
They are kind of the same, but there's enough differences (for me at least) to justify buying both.

BTW, if you get the London drum DVD, my friend is Ian's tech, and the section where they go through Ian's kit is a joke, and he really can pronounce "Paiste" and does know drums...even though it's not apparent. It's a very funny section to me though.

He was Bun E. Carlos' tech some years ago when we first met.
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