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Default Re: What's the story behind your user name?

Originally Posted by cdrums21 View Post
Hey Michael drums! I do quite a bit of vacationing in Ocean City Maryland. Do you play much there? I used to play there in my early rock days in the summer and had a BLAST! I think the name of the club was "Secrets". The Purple Moose, Bull on the beach, Phillips.....ahhh, some great times. I usually stay in Bethany beach when we're there. Are you close?
Hey cdrums21...Thanks for the shout out! ;-)

Yea, I've done a few gigs downtown. The bar scene mostly. And YES...Secrets is still there, aka...Jamaica USA!! The Purple Moose is still thriving on the boardwalk, though I can remember back in the 80s' when it was REALLY popular, and you couldn't even get in the place.

The Bull On The Beach has moved to West O.C. and up to 94th St. And Phillips' is still in their main building on Coastal Highway.

I have a family friend, who lives in South Bethany, that I visit once or twice a year. So I AM familiar with the whole coastal area from Assateague Island to Lewes, Del.

Peace Out! ;-)
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