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Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
No problem buddy. Hopefully someone will be interested and get in touch with you.

I am very fortunate that I get to meet all of these great people. The only two who seemed a bit hesitant were Dave Weckl and Ed Shaughnessy. It was because I always ask for the drummers to just sign their name without writing "To Thomas." The reason that some people don't like doing that is that it's much easier to sell something as a collectable item if it just has the drummer's name on it, and even though I would never sell anything, these guys have probably seen plenty of stuff that they have signed making someone else money on eBay. Dave Weckl insisted on putting my name on it, which is cool (the guy was doing me a favor and I wasn't going to be a jerk about it). Ed Shaughnessy gave me a funny look when I asked him to just sign his name, but Bermuda happened to be right there and he said, "Ed, he's cool." Ed smiled, I got my signature, and Bermuda became the coolest guy I know.
That's interesting. I've never thought about autographs like that, but I imagine it's big business just like everything else.
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