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Default Drums and Percussion magazine DVD

In the next issue of Drums & Percussion Magazine in Germany there will be a DVD with all the great performances from the d&p Seminar last December. It will feature all workshops as well as concert footage by some of my favorite and smokin'ist drummers from Europe. Michael Küttner, Andy Gillmann, Manni von Bohr, Dirk Brand, Jose Cortijo, JoJo Mayer, Claus Hessler. Of course the Phil Maturano, trio is featured - with great players and friends, cuban bassist Irio O'farrell and Andreas Schnerman on Piano (DE). A big thanks for getting my trio out there goes to Drummers Collective in NY, Anatolian cymbals, Taye drums and Regal Tip sticks. Without them it would have been very difficult.
If you are in America and can't get a hold of the DVD! Please let me know and I will do my best to let you know how to do it. It is the first time a magazine releases a DVD of this complexity and size in Europe and there will be 26,000 copies floating around!! I am sure we can get one to you somehow!!

Manni von Bohr

Live to play!
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