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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by Bodo Stricker View Post
Hardware came, new kit set up.

Super cool.
I saw the sizes on the post below, and I gotta say a 12-15-18 is a really great combination.

I like it because you can get all the cool 12" toms highs, to the awesome 18" low, and you're only carrying a couple drums, but it's beefier than with a 14-16.

And the 13X15 is one of the great size drums--real cool for a FT.
Waaay better than a 14x14 IMO.

How is that 14X18?

I've always been curious about that size.

I love 14X16's.

They still get the deep, big sound, but it's faster in getting the 'total sound' happening.

Is it same with the 14X18?
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