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John Bonham Style


I need some help in getting my single pedal technique going again, i've become lazy using double bass and havn't got the speed and technique in my right foot much anymore.. especially with fills, i cant seem to make a good, fast sounding fill without double bass.
Has anyone got any excersises or actually fills they use, like John Bonham, where he uses crazy right foot stuff and toms, or bass and snare paradiddles etc.


What I found to be helpful for me and may work for you also is this: I have a double pedal I use, however; I dont consider myself a double bass drum player, but I do practice utilizing both pedals. I practice open-hand technique and I try all reverse playing which includes only uses left pedal for single pedal grooves. That way, If I need to play a song requiring high speeds and double kick, I can but all the while I dont loose my single foot technique.

It takes time, hope it helps.
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