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i would like to add here that john bonham is deemed amazing and alll thise and 'crazy right foot stuff' whatever
im not saying he's overrated but first of all there is a lot of crap talked about him - secondly, stuff like the famous john bonham triplet is really just a double, that uneducated people didnt understand properly - a triplet is not a group of 3notes but rather a group of 3notes (or 2notes but in the feel of 3 ie with one stroke missing) that are played in the time signature space of 2 beats.#
these 'triplet's of john bonham's are either 2notes most of the time with a stroke skipped but still 'swung' (that would be the 'triplet feel'), OR he hits eg one of his massive floor toms for one/two strokes and then makes one (or two) quick strokes on the Speedking pedal.
just stop deifying him
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