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[quote=Mediocrefunkybeat;411105]Nick Mason's book about Pink Floyd called 'Inside Out'

Inside it reads: 'To Duncan... Keep on drumming!'

Nick Mason........VERY COOL ,MFB !!

I have a few things from over the years

Drum Heads : Cindy Blackman,Eric Singer and Rod Morgenstein.

Posters : Charlie Adams,Dave Weckl and Zoro.

Pictures : Chester Thompson,Carmine Appice,Bobby Rock,Kenny Arronoff,Alan White,A.J. Pero,Dennis Chambers,Sonny Emory,Ed Thigpen and Vinnie.

I also have Vinnie Appice and Eddie Bayers signatures on regular paper. I have a Stewart Copeland signed towel from an Animal Logic concert that a friend got for me years ago.

I had the pleasure of meeting them all except Eddie Bayers,Cindy Blackman,Eric Singer and Stewart Copeland. I've attended many clinics over the years since 1984 and I enjoyed all of them very much. I always loved meeting drummers and had been pretty calm and cool but I met Vinnie at a clinic in Nashville and was completely intimidated. I must have looked like an idiot but he was very nice. He was so cool and his playing was amazing!!!
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