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Pat Petrillo--Hands, Grooves and Fills


Hal Leonard/Hudson

Something for everyone and a great resource for teachers

I have gotten so much from this book and I've been playing 35 years. The secret: It's the perfect combination of accessible and challenging so one can teach themselves and not give up (never finishing the book as probably happens to a lot of us when we have the good intentions of picking up some new instructional media and bettering ourselves).
Having the book and mp3 play along in addition to the DVD is genius (the book/mp3 disc is my favorite part). And of course it's much easier to sit down with the book and mp3 disc at one's drums than sitting in front of the TV, but then the DVD is available for clarification.
And all the drumless playalongs and corresponding transcriptions are very hip and useful.
There are some fun rudimental warmups and Pat's own tab method (although for someone who reads music this would be time consuming to learn another notation) and of course the grooves and fills.
The only negative (and this is nitpicking, I suppose) is there are some typos in both the book and the subtitles which should have been fixed in the editing phase.
Suggestions for future editions: Get the flam instruction on the DVD and have the play alongs at a slow learning tempo in addition to the performance tempo.

For me this book is worth it just for the grooves and play alongs.

This is a great, great product! Just buy it!.
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