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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Thanks Nutha - I realize it is very hard to maintain some logic within a free-for - all discussion forum!
The wfd doesn't disturb me at all though. Seem to be alot of good guys doing it.
I'd like to stress that rudiments should be learned and played Open to closed and then back to open. (Slow... then fast...then gradually and musically back out to slow)
This is the WAY to getting some hands! (along with the newspaper exercise that is in my DVD.

re: hats- I look forward to some of you hearing my 11" hats. It is possible that Zildjian will end up making these available to all! They are fast (obviously) but feel and play like normal sized hats - incredible.

and Bernhard - you DO look alot like Steve Gadd!! :D
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