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Default Re: Drummer's Brains are Different

Originally Posted by GetAgrippa View Post
Even though cognitive functions decrease with age it apparently makes little real difference
You are right that peoples aptitude (ability to learn new things) reduces with age. The specifics are that aptitude stays pretty stable after we reach our early 20's. Until then the brains grey matter is developing and is not fully formed yet. When we get to our mid-fifties (sorry! ;o)) there is a reduction but it's not a significant one. Another way to view this is that by the time we get to our mid-fifties we have lots of experience and, hopefully, more patience to draw upon and this helps us to compensate for our slight reduction in aptitude. Plus, from a personality perspective, we get more conventional as we get older so the desire for searching out new things is less as we get older. We tend to prefer the tried and tested.

We are a clever lot on DW, seems to fly in the face of the drummer stereotype i.e. What did the drummer get on their IQ test......drool! Sort of thing.
OK, OK It's back to rudiments for me! I'll be back in a few months
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