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Default Re: Remo Vintage A's

Originally Posted by ludwigvondrumcrazy View Post
Just a head’s up, pun intended, Remo is expanding the Vintage A line to include a 10”, 12”, 13” & 16” to go along with the 14” (Batter) that they started offering last year. The Vintage A’s are a 2-ply (7.5 – 3 mil) coated Ambassador similar to Remo’s first plastic head so is basically a reproduction that, in my humble opinion, is a nice cross between a 1-ply (10 mil) Ambassador and their 2-ply coated Emperor (7 – 7mil.)

When these new sizes will be available I can’t say with any certainty but it should be soon, so soon in fact that I have already pre-ordered some of the new traditional sizes to go along with the supply of 14’s I picked up late last year. Because these were intended to be a limited time offering in celebration of Remo’s 50th Anniversary (2007) I took no chances and stocked up before they were discontinued so I was glad to see the line carried on and get expanded…………

That's good news. I did pick up a Vintage A for my Supra, but didn't like it on the snare. I've always preferred the Ambassador on snares. But, I popped that sucker on my 14" DW keller-shelled tom and it sounded pretty sweet. I think these will be great on toms.
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