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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by TopCat View Post
sore throat?
Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
And that sir, is what makes a Rugby supporter different from almost any other supporter in the World.
Yeah, and I think the respect for the reff is one of the other great things about rugby. "Sir, knocked forward, Sir!". Not like the AFL over here, were players frequently mouth off to the umpires, calling them "white maggots" and the like (although they don't wear white anymore). You get sent off for doing that in Union.

As for the Six Nations, it's a second rate comp. Tri-Nations is where it's at.

Did anyone see the Brumbies vs Crusaders game? Brumbies played pretty damn sh*t, but the conditions were horrid; the top right corner on the try-line was a swimming pool. The ball literally would not bounce, even when bombed in, rather just splash and stop where it landed. And they lost their 2nd centre in Adam Ashley-Cooper, who joined Stirling Mortlock on the injury list.

Good on the Reds for being able to hold on against the mullet-equipped Highlanders. Seriously, half their players had a mullet or rat-tail, they were pretty foul looking blokes. MacIntosh, the 130kg prop had a bleached dreadlock mullet. Not a good look. The first 20 mins of that game were electric; Digby Ione, Clinton Schifcofske and Chris Latham were busting takles and making breaks left right and center. Great stuff to watch.

The other interesting thing worth noting is that in both games, each team used every player on their bench; which illustrates the extra physicality imposed by the new laws. Awesome, awesome stuff. Can't wait for the 'Tahs game tonight!
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