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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

OK, rather than start a new thread I thought we'd just continue on the RWC one. Super-14 2008 is already upon us, with the first game starting in 4 hours, that being the Brumbies vs The Crusaders.

First of all, '08 will be the best year yet as the Stellenbosh laws are being used. You are going to see fast, agressive, and flowing rugby, probably an extra 100 odd tackles per game and some seriously big hits. I'm really looking forward to seeing the now 94kg and just turned 19 year old Kurltey Beale in his second year of S14, after winning player of the tournement in the (late) Mazda Australian Rugby Championships. Big things to come, me thinks.

Secondly, Katman, are you a Sharks or a Bulls man? I say this because I saw that Frederick Michalak will make his S14 debut for the Sharks against the Force tomorrow. That's a nice pickup there.

Hopefully the Reds will do Ok this season and see at least half of their senior players fit at any given time; a luxery they certainly didn't get to enjoy last year. I'd really like to see them get over the Highlanders tonight.

Anyways, let the games begin!
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