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Default Re: Gregg Bissonette

Greg's got great time, too.
I'm told that when called on to sit in for Simon on tour, Greg learned the set and just went out and did it. He stayed as true to Jeff's grooves as he could-outta respect for Jeff.
I've heard THREE different drummers play "Jake to the Bone". Jeff, Greg and Simon. Greg's version is, by far, the closer one to the original, but they each put their own stamp on that tune. I, being a beginner after so long of NOT playing, would fall apart on tha ttune.

ps: You don't back TOTO or gig with Maynard and NOT have your stuff together. Greg does! He's amazing. Somebody said they've seen him behind Pearls. Last I checked, he was playing MAPEX.

Originally Posted by mikeybbdrummin View Post
Jeff was an incredible drummer that everone said was at the top when it came to groove and feel.
For 20 years Gregg has been my favorite and I think he also has great feel, groove and emotion. I have seen him over 100 times live and when I think I have seen it all, he pulls something out of his hat. At the moment I have 5 cd's in the player all w/Gregg.
None of his DLR stuff either. I like DLR, but its instrumental, progressive rock and jazz/swing stuff from different artists.
He is definatly my biggest influence.
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