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Default Re: Drummer's Brains are Different

Originally Posted by GetAgrippa View Post
As we age we start to show signs of memory and reflex changes in our thirties. By the time you are in your 50's we really take a hit. What is amazing is look at all the agile and speedy drummers who are older than 50 many in their 70's, and they still "got it". Playing a muscial instrument has been demonstrated to be beneficial in delaying Alzheimer's too. I think psychologically drumming has its advantages for stress relief. Just think drumming is challenging, fun, and provides health benefits. Dang sign me up!!! I wonder if I can get some benefit for being a drummer for my health insurance. Hee, hee. I would be nice-like being a non-smoker.
I never noticed any memory or reflex changes in my thirties, but my wrists get sore easier in my forties. Hmmm. Interesting findings...
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