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Default Re: Indians giving props to Guns n ' Roses

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Very true, I'd have to say Indian drumming is the most advanced solo drumming on the planet. I've been playing tablas for 9 years, but not intensively or consistently. I've studied some books and tapes by Aloke Dutta and have learned the bols and some recitations and a few kaidas, such as tintal. I've played with a few sitarists. I have just barely scratched the surface and any level of mastery takes more hours of dedication than I can spare.
Wow, thats great DMC! Tabla requires a completely different skillset and physical mechanics from the drum set, which is why I reccommend to my drum set player friends that express an interest in it, to use it as a medium to understand the taals and bols and thekas as a concept and then apply it to the drums. Its a great way to actually think in musical phrases rather than a pattern.

Mastering the tabla, with its multiple voicings and the requisite hand - control to evoke those voicings was never something I could do with much competence. That does take a few years, or decades or so...thats a whole different ball game, IMO. How long have you played them?
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