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Default Re: Indians giving props to Guns n ' Roses

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
You'd probably enjoy it, Ken, with your interest as a teacher and a student of rhythm. Most guys who I've talked to who have come to Indian rhythm via the drumset like Trilok Gurtu, Steve Smith, Ranjit Barot, get totally blown away by the level of sophistication of the concepts. Its not so much the tabla neccesarily but a medium to get into some of these Indian rhythmic concepts.

I saw Steve Smith play an incredible 8 th note -triplet based jazzy thing in 7 1/2 time with Vital Information which was coming from his Indian orientation.

Without any bias, I would venture to say that they are some of the most evolved rhythms on the planet, and can be a huge source of inspiration for a drummer, specially an improvisational player.

My problem was that I always found the tabla very atonal and lacking power, punch, sizzle, thud,volume... all the good stuff kids need when they are 15 ; )
Very true, I'd have to say Indian drumming is the most advanced solo drumming on the planet. I've been playing tablas for 9 years, but not intensively or consistently. I've studied some books and tapes by Aloke Dutta and have learned the bols and some recitations and a few kaidas, such as tintal. I've played with a few sitarists. I have just barely scratched the surface and any level of mastery takes more hours of dedication than I can spare.
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