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I'm a huge Iron Maiden fan and have studied a lot of his playing, since I play in an Iron Maiden cover band (Piece of Maiden is the name).

His style of playing is unique, starting from the point he's one of the VERY FEW guys that never used a double bass/pedal (he used only once in the last album, in 'Face in the Sand'). It's a pity we never had enough of his bass drum sounds in Maiden albums (except in the last 2 ones), we missed a lot of his grooves there.

I think that nowadays he's the kind of guy that just sits there and plays, he doesn't care anymore about playing anything difficult, he seems just to want to have fun. Once you have mastered 4 or 5 of his drumlines you can pretty much play 90% of Maiden's material flawlessly. But you'll never sound like him.

As for his personality, I must be very unlucky, I always thought he'd be the easiest guy to talk and get signs/ pictures, but when I met him in the last tour (hanging out in the hotel in the Dance of death tour), he yelled at me "NO SIGNATURES!!", as I had just come close. A guy that was talking to him asked "Aren't you being rude?" and he went "Yes I am!!" so I had to reply with a "F*** off" *Not too loud as I still hadn't got other signs :P*. I was so disappointed that I even began to tell everybody that "Clive Burr outplays him". You know, it's VERY frustrating to be blown off by your idol. That's why I'm afraid of ever meeting Neil Peart.

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