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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by Ozzy Biz View Post
I thought you'd like this DMC; Paul Warry at Metro Drums (in Queensland) sent me a pic of a drum he just did. It's a 13x6" Cooktown Ironwood stave. I'm assuming it's a cheaper yet similar alternative to the Spirit Drums solid shells.
Way cool! What's this fellow's Web site?

I don't know if it's easier or cheaper to do it with staves. Assuming you have a large metalworking lathe, solid shell boring might be easier than cutting a few dozen staves and gluing them together, then lathing them smooth. Ironwood is very hard to work with (dulls saw blades in no time flat) and it would be interesting to hear from the drum maker what it's like to work with ironwood for staves.

I think if you want an ironwood drum, solid or stave or block would be the only way to go. I think it's too ornery to be steam-bent or shaved into veneers for ply. It's so dense there is virtually no room for water to penetrate and soften it.
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