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Originally Posted by Nicko Fan
[IMG]Hi Guys

I consider my self to be one of nicko's number 1 fans.

I have met him on numerous ocasions.

He has been my inspiration for drumming, and have based my own kit and playing around his style, im currently found the secret of nicko fast triplets when I spoke to him recently. And am making great progress with my dw5000 Nicko's main work horse.

My dream came true when I was able to play the grey sonor hitec kit from Somewhere in time tour (wasted years video, and more recently from here to eternity, and be quick or be dead video) ever since that day I wanted that kit.

Since last year I have been colecting through the internet and various other sources drums and cymbals, and am well on target for next year to have a full size Sonor Nicko kit of my very own.

Paul (Nicko Fan)[/IMG]
How do you like the "power tom" depth drums? Do they have enough definition (punch) or are they just for a really big sound? They used to be everywhere in the 80's but faded away for the most part.
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