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THE ART OF PLAYING WITH BRUSHES - presented by Adam Nussbaum and Steve Smith - featuring: Joe Morello, Charli Persip, Eddie Locke, Billy Hart, and Ben Riley.

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A very unique opportunity to learn and practice a variety brush playing styles and techniques. I'm so glad they created this project and captured a lot of wonderful information (much of it passed down from great drummers of the past) that might otherwise be lost to us.

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Presented and moderated by Adam Nussbaum (apparently, it was his idea originally) and Steve Smith, it's two DVDs featuring Joe Morello, Charli Persip, Eddie Locke, Billy Hart, and Ben Riley. In various segments, you see each person (including Nussbaum and Smith) take a turn at playing swing (4/4 & 3/4) at various tempos, latin (Bossas and Sambas) at various tempos, and Ballads. All of the tunes are included as play-alongs on a CD. Basically, after each performance, either Adam or Steve interviews the drummer in detail about how and why they played what they did. Additionally, Adam and Steve spend time interviewing each drummer about his musical life and the stories and anecdotes are priceless--these guys really are living history!

There are great, great "bonuses" included as well including collection of videos of legendary drummers playing brushes in different contexts, including Big Sid Catlett, Papa Jo, Ed Thigpen, Gene Krupa, Mel Lewis, Steve Smith and Jeff Hamilton's "Salt Peanuts" duet, Steve Gadd, Nussbaum, Maestro Max Roach, and more. Too cool!

Plus, individual brush playing "lessons" from Nussbaum, Thigpen, and Louis Bellson. Louis' segment showing him playing brushes on a snare drum a couple of years ago and the variety of strokes and sounds he demonstrates is incredible--that segment alone is worth the price of admission, but it's just one of many gems in this wonderful project.

Other bonuses are PDFs to supplement whats on the DVDs and a little booklet on the history of brushes (did you know they were originally invented as devices to kill flies?) and a listening guide to recordings of significant brush performances throughout the years.

Bottom line--don't hesitate to pull the trigger on this one. You'll get a big chunk of history along with a unique opportunity to witness and learn from some cats who are a part of a legacy of great brush playing.

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