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Default Re: Jeff Porcaro: JNH: Sheffield Labs disc!

Someone I know from Maryland has been very kind. Tomorrow is my birthday. This young lady I know is a huge Steve Porcaro listener---she knows what an influence he and his brothers have been on my musicianship.

Today I open my mailbox and there's a package in there from my friend---for my birthday.
The James Newton-Howard & Friends Sheffield Labs thing. I think of all the tracks, "Tandoori" and "Borealis" are my favorites at the moment.

Jeff is definitely in his element, and Joe must have hauled in a truckload of auxillary percussion for this one. I'm a keyboard player first-piano has always been my first musical love. The drums came later. BUT this whole disc sparkles.

Not only do I get to hear those old (Now "Vintage" synth sounds) but get to hear Jeff anchor the whole darn thing with some solid groovin'.

Pretty sweet way to begin a birthday celebration I think.
Someone here said "Gone Buttlefishin'" was a great track. Agreed---but "L'Daddy" and "Tandoori" are standouts for me right now, along with "Borealis" which is just gorgeous.

If anybody has the original release---there were sketches of the keys players drawn and included in the book. Those were done by Jeffrey, or so I'm told.

Mine's a re-issue and doesn't have the sketches but I've seen them from another copy of the disc. TOO funny!
Get this one if you can find it. There's even a photo in mine of Doug Sax getting a pie in the face! (Bill Schnee told him TWICE to get outta the booth!!!!!)
Funny stuff to read how the thing almost didn't go down. They had so much going on with other projects that Dec. 16,17, and 19 was almost "last minute". 1983 was a BUSY year!

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