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I have been using the metronome more and it really helps me to see it. I wanted to mount it where it would be visible, as it really helps me to see the blinking lights, yet not get in the way. I also wanted to mount a cha-cha cowbell. I decided the best place for both would be to my left, under the ride cymbal.

This is the mount for the cowbell - 3/8 rod bent and threaded with a deep bolt to fit into the clamp.

This is the mount for the metronome. It has a 5 mm threaded hole in the back. I drilled a hole into the end of a 3/8 rod and threaded it, then inserted a bolt, tightened it and sawed off the end and added a rubber washer for grip and cushioning. The other end of the rod fits into an LP Claw.

Both mounted. The clamp is attached to the ride cymbal stand and holds the cowbell rod. The LP Claw grabs the clamp.

How it looks from the driver's seat.

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