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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Thanks for the great feedback bro! I have been playing these tunes on my last clinic tour in Europe to see how they would feel live. They are lots of fun and they do feel like a nice workout everytime. Would love to hear your version of it sometime!
There are a few guys at the collective working on it now, they seem to be having fun with it haha!

I will have a new one posted hopefully by tomorrow.

Would it be helpful if i posted the chart or the worksheets for the song? Maybe cats need a taste of what its about before they jump in?

Let me know.

I believe in the internet and the power that we have here to reach each other right away!
If anyone has thoughts about this i can design the songs based on any suggestions. Would be a great help to know what people are looking for specifically.
All the best
Live to play!
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