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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Sonor Five Star kit, one of 25, played by Thomas Lang and Steve Smith. stilll waiting on the 8x8 tom.

A Sonor Signature kit with new Pasite 2002 14x6.5 snare and a new Zelkova solid snare on the side (not in pic) The Phonic Plus has now been sent out to have Bubinga wrapped on her in and out.

My Five Star Ebony kit with DW Neil Peart Edge Snare
I recieved a Attack Medium 2 Ply and its just amazing what a combination these shells are with those heads. Plus you can see the beauty of the innear veener.

The Neil Peart snare is perfect as main snare. The kit it self is just beyond description. Derek Roddy was right, best kit he ever heard or played. Thomas Lang and Steve Smith are two masters who have played my kit...I am the third.

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