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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by Mr. Pasquini View Post
My bet is on incredible attack (note that Oak is denser than Maple and has more attack(at least I think so...))
Yes, you are right, these have plenty of attack and volume due to the density of the wood. At the same time, the drums are square sizes, so they have plenty of resonance but that tempers the attack. Also, the grain is all parallel to the height of the drum, so each grain acts as a mico-resonator and very efficiently conducts sound from the bearing edge, into the shell, and out to the bottom head. Cross-lamination in ply shells diffuses the movement of sound through the shell.

The result is lots and lots of the most sought-after qualities of drums: attack, presence, projection, sensitivity and richness of tone. That's not suitable for all playing situations, however, especially where the drums need to sound more subdued. These drums are very lively and call attention to themselves. They're also difficult to tune perfectly, as there is no glue to absorb overtones and everything you put into the drum, you get back out.

I am going to get my act together soon and post some sound clips, I promise. In the mean time, there are sound samples at
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