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Hey everyone i read every post on this topic so far and all i really have to say is: respect.
im only 17 years of age and i've only been drumming for 5 years but as a musician i respect all types of music and all other musician goals and acheivments and i respect travis barker for his acheivments, sure he may not be THE BEST drummer but clearly he's not the worst or he would not be where he is today. as i said before im only 17 years of age and the rest of you may not care about what i have to say but i think as musicians we have an obligation to encourage and support all others in there musical goals. I myself am into more hardcore metal or some of you may know it as screamo, but just because im not so much into travis' genra of music i do respect him for what he can do. I'm still learning and trying to expand my skill and i may want to take my drumming somewhere some day but i have to say after reading some of the posts on this forum im somewhat discouraged. So if you'll take anything from what i've said take respect because its the laest you can give to support someone.
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