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Originally Posted by insane drummer View Post
Now, the more obscure.

Pic one is my Udu. I got it on a Guitar Center sale.

Two is my Talking Drum, it was fairly cheap from a non music store.

Three is my $12 Remo Doumbek. This is my drum I take anywhere.

Four is my ceramic doumbek.

Five is my Copper Darbuka I got this used with a spare head and carrying case for $80.

Last is my Misc Percussion. Most of which was less than $5 a piece.
The copper darbuka (doumbek?); does remo make any heads that fit it? i was looking at getting that same drum a while back before my funds dried up.

Has anyone tried remo's new synthetic, rope tensioned djembes? I'm thinking about getting some hand percussion (once the money shows up), and i was wondering if these are worth $300.
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